Senate Republican spokesman Scott Reif sent over a rather blistering statement attacking Sen. Chuck Schumer this afternoon following his comments on the raising the minimum wage.

In response to my question on whether he thought Gov. Andrew Cuomo could have pushed harder for a state increase, Schumer, a sponsor of a bill that would increase the federal minimum wage to $9.80, disagreed, saying it’s the state Senate Republicans who are blocking the measure’s passage.

Mild criticism at the worst? Perhaps.

But that didn’t sit well with state Senate GOP:

“Excuse us if we don’t take our cues from Senator Schumer and the other politicians in Washington, DC. While New York’s Senate Republicans are working with Governor Cuomo to make state government function, Senator Schumer is playing a starring role in the partisan gridlock that has enveloped the nation’s capital. While we’re reducing the taxes middle class families pay to their lowest levels in more than 50 years, Senator Schumer is refusing to support middle class tax cuts and approving Obamacare, which combined will cost New Yorkers $14 billion in new taxes — which is proof that he doesn’t understand the needs of suburban New Yorkers. And before he points the finger of blame, he should remember that the state’s minimum wage is set to the federal minimum wage, meaning any federal hike would raise New York’s minimum wage automatically. And, while Senate Republicans are working with Governor Cuomo to create jobs and opportunity in New York, Senator Schumer is working with President Obama to bring about lower consumer confidence, stagnant job growth and fewer opportunities for working people.”

There’s a lot to go through in this, but what stood out for me was not just the usual hugging of the popular governor, but reference to “the needs of suburban New Yorkers.”