Blake Zeff, a veteran Democratic operative perhaps best known for his stint as Hillary Clinton’s spokesman, is no longer working for AG Eric Schneiderman.

Both Zeff and Schneiderman’s office confirmed his departure and said it was amicable on both sides.

Zeff was serving as a senior advisor to the AG and was on track to direct a new bureau to review potential wrongful convictions that Schneiderman announced in April.

The Brooklyn resident has decided to try his hand at something other than politics: Writing. (Although the subject of his writing will be politics, so he’s keeping a toe in the game).

During a brief phone interview last night, Zeff said his final day on the public payroll was last Friday. He’s going to be writing columns on national politics, with a focus on the current race for the White House, for a variety of outlets.

His first piece appeared in the Daily News yesterday. In it, Zeff defended Mayor Bloomberg for being outspoken about the need for stronger gun control laws in the wake of the Aurora, Colo. shooting.

Zeff also hinted about a post-November elections book in the works on presidential campaigns.

He has ample experience to draw on, having worked on Clinton’s 2008 White House bid and then transferred to Barack Obama’s campaign, heading up communications in New York, after the then-Illinois senator defeated the then-NY senator in the Democratic primary.

Zeff graduated from the press shop boot camp of Sen. Chuck Schumer’s office, which has honed a wide array of political operatives and spokespeople – including Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s current attack dog, Josh Vlasto.

Zeff also served as the communications director for the state Democratic Party in 2006 when Clinton was running for re-election for her US Senate seat.