National Horizon, an Arizona-based Super PAC, is poised to go up with a TV ad here in New York that attacks Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand for siding with President Obama in his battle with Catholic leaders over a contraception coverage mandate.

The spot will hit the airwaves tomorrow morning on Fox News cable in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Albany, Westchester, Nassau and Suffolk, as well as on NY1 in New York City and on YNN. It is scheduled to run for two weeks, which means it will remain up through the GOP convention in Tampa, FL next week. (UPDATE: I neglected to include the size of the buy here, which is $200,000).

The ad also makes a pitch for Gillibrand’s GOP/Conservative opponent, Wendy Long, with the tagline: “It’s time for a senator who shares your values.”

According to this morning’s Siena poll, Long can use all the help she can get in her longshot quest to oust the junior senator. She’s trailing Gillibrand 65-22, and most New Yorkers still have no idea who she is.

Long, whose campaign is in debt, has been vastly out-fundraised by Gillibrand, who is sitting on $10.5 million as of mid-July.

Up to this point, National Horizon has been focused almost entirely in Arizona, and just went up with an ad that zinged Rep. Ben Quayle, who is facing a competitive primary next week. The spot recalls the great “potato” spelling debacle experienced by Quayle’s father, former VP Dan Quayle. (Unfortunately for the congressman, he was also caught up this week in the skinny-dipping-in-the-Sea-of-Galilee flap, but insists he had all his clothes on when he went for a 30-second dip).

National Horizon’s connection to New York is veteran GOP consultant Nelson Warfield, whose last involvement in a campaign here was back in 2009 when Doug Hoffman ran on the Conservative line in the NY-23 special election and forced moderate Republican, then-Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, out of the race.

That election drew national attention, and Hoffman became a Tea Party darling. In the end, however, he and Scozzafava split the Republican and Conservative vote, allowing Democrat Bill Owens a narrow window to victory in a long-held GOP district.

The script of the ad appears below. Interesting to note that this will be running on Fox, whose viewers probably don’t need much convincing that Gillibrand doesn’t share their views on contraception and abortion rights. (She’s made that pretty darn clear).

But today’s Siena poll demonstrates that Long needs help introducing herself to the party faithful. Since she can’t afford to do that herself, National Horizon is doing it for her.

“Obamacare demands people of faith compromise on core beliefs. The issue isn’t abortion, it’s religious freedom – what Cardinal Dolan calls a radical intrusion into a church’s ability to teach, serve and sanctify its own.”

“Sadly, Kirsten Gillibrand stands with Barack Obama against over 400 Catholic leaders who oppose this attack on religious freedom. It’s time for a senator who shares your values: Wendy Long.”