I wrote earlier about the new ad debuted by Assemblyman Sean Hanna – the first of the 55th Senate District race – in which the Rochester-area Republican employs the Senate GOP’s strategy of invoking the name of New York’s uber-popular Democratic governor, Andrew Cuomo.

A reader pointed out that Hanna hasn’t always had nice things to say about Cuomo. You don’t have to look very far to find his criticisms, either. They’re right there on his official Assembly website.

On Jan. 4, Hanna issued a statement in response to Cuomo’s first ever State of the State address, writing that he found the whole thing “very disappointing,” adding:

“It was vintage Albany ─ lots of spending, lots of commissions and a lot of the very same stuff that has placed this state in peril.”

“I drove here hoping to hear of diminished spending, Medicaid reform, mandate relief and independent redistricting. I’ll be driving home knowing that New Yorkers are in for a long year.”

On Dec. 7, 2011, Hanna issued another statement – this time in response to the tax reform deal struck by Cuomo and legislative leaders that was passed by the Legislature in a special session. The assemblyman wrote:

When he took office, Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to cut spending, not raise taxes, create no new business fees, roll back regulations and deliver unfunded mandate relief. As I see it, he is 0 for 5.”

“The governor has called the Legislature back for an Extraordinary Session in order to pass this new tax deal that was agreed upon in typical Albany fashion – three- men-in-a-room. Looking into this revolutionary new tax deal, there is nothing extraordinary about this deal, except for the fact that the governor is reneging on his campaign promises.”

“His first budget raised General Fund spending by more than $2 billion, and then he levied a $20-per-employee fee on businesses, and now, if he gets his way, will be raising taxes by $1.9 billion. For all the rhetoric about how New York is supposed to be getting on the right track, it seems that in Albany, even with new leaders in government, nothing has changed.”