The good-government group Common Cause, along with NOW NYC, have joined the growing call for the Joint Commission on Public Ethics to investigate sexual misconduct allegations leveled at Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

The groups say they are especially concerned with how quickly Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver acted and whether he worked to bury allegations after a woman was given a $103,000 settlement.

“Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s reported acts of sexual harassment against numerous employees make him entirely unfit to serve the public in any capacity. Just as disturbing is Speaker Silver’s cover-up of Lopez’s earlier transgressions, which demonstrate an ongoing acceptance and tolerance for sexual harassment. It is absolutely unacceptable that in the hallowed halls of government, women demanding the fair and equal treatment to which they are entitled under the law should be met with secrecy and muzzled. JCOPE must investigate the full extent to which members of the Assembly staff, and of Mr. Lopez’s former and current staff, were aware of his conduct, and the Speaker’s role in burying these egregious charges. We will not allow the New York State Assembly to disregard women’s rights.”

Silver has said he regrets having the settlement done in secret.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo raised the possibility of a JCOPE investigation on Tuesday, saying that New Yorkers are entitled to the facts.

Lopez has denied any wrongdoing, but has been censured by the speaker’s office and stripped of his Housing Committee chairmanship. He is also resigning as the Brooklyn Democratic party leader.