Here’s a cautionary tale lawmakers will likely forget all about in 10 years when the next round of redistricting comes up – unless Cuomo’s constitutional amendment on redistricting reform passes and turns out to be effective.

During the Congressional primary election in June, roughly 300 Republicans in the village of Ballston Spa in Saratoga County should have had a chance to vote in the primary race between Matt Doheny and Kellie Greene. But, the race didn’t appear on the ballot they received. In the rush to prepare, elections officials in Saratoga County admit that they made a mistake and left out a whole neighborhood.

For practical purposes, this mistake didn’t impact the outcome. Even if all of the Republicans eligible to vote had backed Kellie Greene she still would have lost by more than 5000 votes. But it is startling that the dysfunction surrounding redistricting forced a truncated timetable onto elections officials (the maps were finalized on March 19th leaving elections officials just 99 days before the election) and ultimately stripped hundreds of people from their rights as citizens.

To quickly recap what happened – Senate Republicans and Assembly Democrats couldn’t agree on a map for congressional districts. In fact, many sources told us the two sides hadn’t even talked about congressional redistricting when a lawsuit created a special master to draw the lines for them in late February. In the end, both the Assembly and Senate took a pass on the reaching an agreement and accepted the maps drawn by the courts.

Saratoga County Republican Board of Elections Commissioner Roger Schiera talked to YNN and told us the maps that were provided to them were not as accurate as he would have liked, forcing officials to go street to street to try and figure out which house is in which district. Previously, the entire village was in Rep. Chris Gibson’s district, so the election officials were working from scratch.

The kicker of this all is that apparently the only reason this mistake was discovered was because of this video that Matt Doheny taped earlier this week in which he named all the towns, cities, and villages in his district. He left out the village of Ballston Spa, and someone called him to correct him. Doheny said he was just memorizing from the board of elections list.