The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is highlighting a campaign poll that shows incumbent Rep. Bill Owens leading his Republican challenger Matt Doheny by double-digits.

The poll conducted by Anzalone Liszt Research found that Owens is earning 50 percent of the vote against Doheny, his challenger from the 2010 race and has a 12-percentage point cushion in the three-way race when including Green Party candidate Donald Hassig.

“Roughly three months before Election Day, Congressman Bill Owens is well positioned to win re-election in New York’s newly-configured 21st Congressional District,” according to the memo. “Owens currently leads Republican challenger Matt Doheny by twelve points and is earning 50% of the vote in a three-way race.”

The Doheny campaign isn’t impressed, however.

“The fact that Bill Owens can’t break 50 percent as an incumbent in a poll commissioned by his own party is indicative of how much trouble he’s in this fall,” said deputy campaign manager and spokesman Jude Seymour in a statement. “When people find out that Owens is part of job-killing agenda of this administration, that number is going to be much lower than 50 percent.”

The race for the NY-21, a court-drawn district that envelopes most of the North Country and Adirondacks, is expected to be one of the most contested House races in New York, if not the country.

House Speaker John Boehner is making an upstate swing on behalf of GOP candidates and incumbents this weekend, which includes a stop in Lake George on Doheny’s behalf.

Dccc Ny21 August 2012