While some Democrats were unrestrained in both their glee and criticism of Rep. Paul Ryan’s placement on the GOP presidential ticket, Gov. Andrew Cuomo this afternoon gave a more nuanced and careful response.

Following this morning’s “Yogurt Summit” Cuomo declined to give his opinion on Ryan or his controversial budget plan that includes a massive overhaul of Medicare and other social service spending.

But the Democratic governor said he expects Ryan’s vice presidential candidacy will spur a “conversation” that his party shouldn’t shy away from.

“I’ll leave it to the Republicans to do their politics. They must have seen a wisdom to what they were doing,” Cuomo said. “From my point of view I think it’s going to be an intelligent conversation on the budget, on finances, on priorities, on specifics like Medicare and I think it’s a conversation that the Democrats should welcome, frankly. But why they did it, it’s beyond my pay grade. It’s for them to decide.”

It’s a cautious answer from a politician who in when wading into national issues in the past has placed his foot firmly in his mouth.

Cuomo, a potential 2016 presidential contender, doesn’t like talking about national politics or getting involved in overtly partisan discussions. He’s only spending a day at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, saying his job is to stay and govern in New York.

And his answer on the Ryan question today seems to acknowledge that any comments beyond the innocuous will be interpreted that he’s lining himself up for the national stage.