Earlier today, Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. sent out one of his infamous “What You Should Know” emails with (and this is new) an attachment that turned out to be a palm card featuring three Bronx Democratic primary candidates who have been “endorsded” by former Assemblyman-turned-state Labor Commissioner Peter Rivera (whose photo is emblazoned across the top of the lit).

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Heading up the trio is Rivera’s longtime chief of staff, Danny Figueroa, who is facing off against Diaz Sr.’s preferred candidate for Rivera’s seat, Parkchester attorney Luis Sepulveda.

Diaz Sr. essentially accuses Gov. Andrew Cuomo of using Rivera to wield influence in a legislative race while trying to appear that he’s staying above the political fray.

“You should know that Governor Andrew Cuomo has been apathetic about getting involved in the 2012 New York State political races and supporting candidates,” the senator writes.

“His indifference has gotten to the point where there are many State Senators complaining about the Governor’s refusal to support Democrats, leaving Senate Democrats in jeopardy by possibly allowing the Republicans to remain in the Senate Majority.

“My question is to ask if the Governor is indirectly and perhaps surreptitiously involved in local politics by getting at least one of his Commissioners to actively support a candidate of his choice while the Governor remains silent,” Rivera Sr. continued.

“…The questions we must ask are: Is New York State Labor Commissioner Peter M. Rivera doing this on his own or is he doing this at the behest of Governor Andrew Cuomo? Is the office of the Governor involved directly or indirectly?”

“Like all elected officials in New York State, I am well aware of the limits we have and how we cannot use our public office for politics. If there is any sense that we are using our public offices improperly, we run the risk of having an investigation by the Ethics Commission. I must ask to which point is it correct for this Governor to have his Commissioner Peter M. Rivera officially involved in local politics and in a primary election?

“Either/or, it doesn’t seem right.”

I forwarded Diaz Sr.’s latest masterpiece to state Labor Department spokesman Leo Rosales and asked if he had a comment. He responded:

“NYS Commissioner of Labor Peter Rivera has taken no official or unofficial position in the 76th district primary election or any other local election. Further, he did not authorize the use of his name or title on the Democratic Primary Election 2012 ‘People Come First’ palm card.”