Good morning. The CT Team is heading back to Albany today from Tampa and the RNC where Mitt Romney delivered a shorter than expected speech after he was somewhat upstaged by Actor Clint Eastwood.

So there will be light blogging through the day.

Back at home, Gov. Cuomo is in New York City and has no public schedule.

Mitt Romney’s speech last night focused heavily on his biography. Including his Mormon faith and record at Bain.

It also stayed on the theme of fiscal issues and the promise of a better future.

Clint Eastwood’s bizarre speech with an empty chair and an invisible President Obamaoils getting almost as ink as Romney’s speech.

President Obama fired off a tweet response saying “this seat is taken.”

His speech did launch the new twitter handle, Invisible Obama. 

DNC released complete list of performers at their convention this morning including James Taylor, Foo Fighters, and Earth, Wind, and Fire. (no link)

The Daily News wonders if Albany is ignoring a culture of sexual harassment.

New York Times wants Speaker Silver to call for Assemblyman Vito Lopez to resign.

According to the WSJ, the Comptroller and Attorney General thoroughly reviewed the six figure settlement with alleged sexuaas harassment victims back in May.

The woeven originally sought $1.2 million in damages.

Democrats are rallying around Silver.