Thanks to a legal challenge filed by his 20-year-old Democratic primary challenger, Assemblyman Dov Hikind has been removed from the GOP line in the November general election.

State Supreme Court Justice David Schmidt certified a report from the court-appointeed special referees that Hikind was two valid signatures short of the 433 required to get onto Row B in the 48th AD. Hikind did not challenge this determination.

“Justice Schmidt ruled in favor of those who honestly follow the rules,” Hikind’s opponent, Moshe Tischler, statement in a press release.

“For too long, career politicians like Dov Hikind have tried to game the system and play by their own rules. Today’s ruling serves as an important reminder that those seeking public office must strictly follow the laws governing ballot access or face the consequences.”

As CiytandState’s Chris Bragg noted, if Tischler pulls off an upset victory on Sept. 13, which is highly unlikely, Hikind will have one less line to run on in the general election. The upstart candidate is also challenging Hikind’s petitions for the Conservative line.

Schmidt Ruling