Reading Azi Paybarah’s post in The Capital about receiving a FOIL request response from the Cuomo administration that was a link to another publication, Nick Reisman was reminded of a similar experience he had back in March.

Nick, (who is en route to Lake George to cover House Speaker John Boehner’s appearance with NY-21 GOP hopeful Matt Doheny and so asked me to stand in for him on this one), filed a FOIL request on Jan. 11 in search of the governor’s daily schedules from Sept. 1 to Jan. 11.

He finally received a response on March 2, in which the administration directed Nick to the Citizen Connects site where he would find copies of the schedules he was looking for. Interestingly, the position of the Citizen Connects site where the governor’s schedules were supposed to be posted with some regularity hasn’t been updated since…March.

Reisman – Final Response Letter – 3 2 12