As if there was any doubt that the Paul Ryan budget proposal won’t be an issue on the local level now that he is the vice presidential candidate, Democratic Congressional candidate Julian Schreibman keeps hitting Rep. Chris Gibson for backing the plan in April 2011.

Here is the latest from the Schreibman campaign:

“In April 2011, Congressman Gibson proudly voted for the Ryan budget when it went to the floor,” said Jonathan Levy, campaign manager. “Only after redistricting put him in a tough battle for re-election, did Gibson start to muddy the waters by voting for a different budget proposal. Congressman Gibson has never expressed any doubt about his support for Ryan’s plan to dismantle Medicare. In fact, he has gone on the record saying that he would consider a Medicare coupon program, and his campaign website continues to celebrate his 2011 vote for the Ryan budget.”

There are actually two Ryan budget plans, the earliest of which was an overhaul of Medicare that would only affect those under 55 by providing an option to enter into a private plan. There are some similarities to what President Obama has proposed for Medicare, but Democrats argue there are far more dramatic changes Ryan wants, including offering subsidies and an eventual phase out of the program.

Still, that nuance is likely to be lost, despite the renewed calls for policy debates in the presidential campaign now that Ryan is on the ticket.

Mitt Romney, the presumptive nominee for the Republicans, isn’t exactly embracing the plan, either, noting that it’s his plan for the nation’s budget and social service spending that is being

And as some residents of Ryan’s hometown in Janesville, WI, told me yesterday, it’s possible that Ryan may have been picked not necessarily for his budget plan, but for his personal story.