Rep. Louise Slaughter released her first ad of the campaign season – a spot that focuses on the economy and her efforts to safeguard American jobs.

“For far too long, we’ve given away tax breaks to outsourcers, given away manufacturing jobs to other countries, and given away protections for American workers in our trade agreements,” Slaughter said in a press release that announced her new ad.

“If we’re going to grow the middle class in Monroe County, it starts and ends with supporting American manufacturing. This is the agenda to get it done and I am proud to bring this message straight to the voters.”

The spot features footage from an Aug. 9 rally outside clothing manufacturer Hickey Freeman – a WNY icon.

(Interestingly, the company featured prominently in a 2010 Sen. Chuck Schumer ad by the same name.

Schumer recently intervened to help Hickey Freeman’s parent company secure a lending deal that rescued the Rochester plant from downsizing or resale).

At the time, the company played a role in the controversy surrounding the US Olympic team’s opening ceremony uniforms, which were revealed to have been made in China.

At the rally, Slaughter highlighted her support for the Bring Jobs Home Act, which would provide a 20 percent tax break to help companies cover the cost of moving overseas jobs back to the US and do away with breaks for those that do the opposite.

At the same event, the congresswoman also announced introduction of the Keep America Secure Act to ensure that electronic components sensitive to national security are made in America.

Slaughter, a 13-term Democrat, is facing a tough challenge from Republican Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks in a newly-drawn district that ended the so-called “earmuff” structure of her old district and now encompasses all of Monroe County.

The two candidates have been sparring this week over abortion rights – thanks to Rep. Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments.

But Slaughter decided to stick to basics with this ad, which is a smart move, since multiple polls have shown that the economy tops the list of voters’ concerns this election cycle.

Here’s the ad script:

“Now, we’ve got a lot to be proud of here in Rochester and in America. But too many down in Washington have been making life harder for us here in Monroe County.”

“Our trading partners have put bans on American goods, and we have to end them. We have to end the tax breaks for corporations that shift their jobs overseas.”

“We’re fighting for the companies who do right by our nation. And I’m not going to stop until the work is done.”

“I’m Louise Slaughter and I approve this message.”