The campaign of Democrat Shawn Morse says Sen. Neil Breslin, D-Bethlehem, is trying to have it both ways on Tier Six.

On Tuesday, the Morse campaign pounced on a section of Breslin’s website that claimed he had supported the pension overhaul that passed in March, but had Democratic conference had walked out in protest of a lawmaker-driven redistricting bill, which allowed Republicans to cast quick votes on the Tier Six plan without minority opposition.

Breslin on his campaign website says, “created a new tier in the state pension system to save billions of hard-earned taxpayer money.”

Now in a mailer Breslin says he “Stood for the rights of public workers on pension reforms.”

“Neil Breslin is once again not being honest,” said Morse campaign spokesman Dan Morris. “His campaign website claims he created Tier VI, this mailer makes it sound like he opposed it, but he was absent from the committee vote, walked out from the floor vote, and has never given a straight answer on where he really stands. When will Neil Breslin stop dodging and finally tell the truth on Tier VI? Given his close ties to the business lobby that pushed hard for the creation of Tier VI, he should make it clear once and for all that he fully supports Tier VI and is not standing with public workers in this race.”

If anything, Breslin’s language on both the website and mailer is vague enough for one to argue that he supported cost-savings in theory, but had his reservation about the overall package. Breslin has broad support from public-sector unions and has received the backing early on from the state chapter of the AFL-CIO.

The Breslin campaign told The Times Union that the website line is actually about Tier 5, which passed in the 2009-10 legislative session when Democrats were in the majority.

Breslin Mailer