Sen. Lee Zeldin is launching a political action committee aimed at supporting business-friendly candidates for state and local office in New York and he’s seeding it with $50,000 of his own campaign money.

“I am proud of our efforts last December to repeal the MTA Payroll Tax for over 700,000 employers previously forced to pay it. Thousands of others received a reduction. The Senate Democrats should have never created this tax on jobs in the first place. The timing, right in the middle of a recession in May 2009, made this decision even worse,” Senator Zeldin continued. “The Senate Republicans’ effort to repeal this ill-conceived tax is just one example of much progress which has been made these past two years. Now we must build on our success.”

The PAC, called Next Generation Leadership NY, will raise money through the Internet, mail and fundraisers, Zeldin’s campaign said.

It doesn’t appear to be aimed at supporting youth candidate specifically, though Zeldin is one of the younger members of the state Senate. Rather Zeldin says he wants to recruit those with conservative fiscal views on taxes and spending.

And it’s a bit unusual, though not unprecedented, to see a freshman lawmaker for not just a PAC, but one that’s aimed at helping others.

“NextGenLNY PAC will support candidates committed to improving the business climate of New York State. The cost to do business in our state needs to be reduced,” said Senator Zeldin. “The best way forward is through hard work to create more jobs.”