Republican Assemblyman George Amedore, who is running for the newly-created 61st 63rd Senate seat (techincally, the 46th SD), is up on the air with the second TV ad of his campaign – a spot that decries the unpopular Thruway toll hike and pledges to try to prevent future increases.

The Assembly Republicans have been making a lot of political hay with the Cuomo adminsitration’s proposed hike, which would apply only to trucks, even as they concede there’s really nothing they can do to stop it. They’ve got a proposal that would require legislative approval for toll hikes, but it’s unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon, since the Democrats control the chamber and haven’t shown any interest in taking up the measure.

There was a lot of consternation in good government and Democratic circles when the Senate GOP’s redistricting plan successfully increased the number of districts from 62 to 63 – even though that’s arguably a good move because it makes the sort of deadlock that resulted from the 2009 coup impossible.

The new district was clearly created to benefit Amedore, who the Republicans are counting on to help them maintain control of the majority. It comprises the city of Kingston and towns of Saugerties, Woodstock, Hurley, Kingston, Ulster, Marbletown, Esopus, and Lloyd in Ulster County; parts of Schenectady and Albany counties; and all of Montgomery and Greene counties

Amedore will face off against Cecilia Tkaczyk, who just won a three-way Democratic primary, in the general election.

Interestingly, the ad, which is Amedore’s first since he learned who he’ll be fighting in November, makes no mention of the assemblyman’s political affiliation. UPDATE: Kris Thompson, who’s handling press for Amedore’s campaign, tells me the ad was running in some parts of the district prior to the primary, and is now up district-wide. Here’s the script:

“Another Albany bureaucracy, another bad decision. I’m George Amedore. They’re threatening to raise Thruway tolls by 45 percent on trucks. How does that help our businesses and dairy farmers? It doesn’t. These decisions chase away businesses, forcing our kids to leave New York to find jobs. My plan stops that. I’ll take away the bureaucrats power to raise Thruway tolls. No more bad decisions. Time to stop driving out our job creators, and give our kids a reason to stay.”