Democratic Senate candidate Mike Amodeo is glad that his primary foe Chuck Swanick is still in the race, albeit on the Conservative line.

For Amodeo, the race is his (and the Democrats’ for that matter) to lose, he told me in a phone interview this afternoon.

“The conservative Republicans are not going to vote for Mark Grisanti this race,” he said of the Republican incumbent, one of the four GOP lawmakers to back same-sex marriage. “The enrollment advantage is too large for Senate Republicans to hold the seat.”

The outcome of Thursday’s primary was spun as a good thing for Democrat (and in some cases it is).

The theory is that Swanick’s presence will divide the GOP vote in a Democratic-heavy area.

But Sen. Mike Gianaris, who donated $6,500 to Swanick’s effort from his own campaign account, told Tom Precious at The Buffalo News prior to the primary that he felt Swanick was best suited.

“I think Chuck Swanick would be a loyal member of the Democratic conference and would give us the best chance of winning back that district,” Gianaris said at the time.

Republicans hope that this is a sign of division for Democrats even in a district in which their enrollment advantage is huge, since Amodeo had the support of the Erie County Democratic Party (granted, it doesn’t appear that Sen. Roy McDonald will have support from the Senate GOP should he lose the Republican line).

Yet, Amodeo is taking that contribution in stride, noting that DSCC itself stayed officially neutral in the primary as it did in the rest of Thursday’s races.

But he says the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee, even with their monetary woes, has to get involved in the three-way general election.

“The DSCC did not support Swanick outright,” he said. “I don’t know if he (Gianaris) can speak for the DSCC. Going forward I think if they want to pick up a majority in the Senate, this is a race they would get involved in. It’s really ours to lose.”

Amodeo, however, says he hasn’t given any thought about whether he’ll join the four-member Independent Democratic Conference or stay with the regular (for lack of a better word) Democratic conference.

The IDC’s political action committee, along with donors tied to conference leader Sen. Jeff Klein, backed Shawn Morse in an unsuccessful primary against Sen. Neil Breslin.

“I really haven’t even thought about that issue yet,” he said. “Right now I’m just focused on wining the general.”

Updated: Republican spokesman Scott Reif says Grisanti will win not because of enrollment, but because he’s been an effective lawmaker.

His statement:

“It’s clear that Mike Gianaris wanted Chuck Swanick to be the Democrat candidate in the 60th Senate District, and now he won’t even commit to putting resources into this race. Senator Grisanti provided the leadership to make UB 2020 a reality and has a bipartisan record of accomplishment. Senator Grisanti is going to win reelection, not because he’s a Republican or a Democrat, but because he is delivering for Western New York.”