Democrats are determined to make Rep. Paul Ryan’s controversial budget plan an issue in competitive House races now that he’s officially the GOP vice presidential nominee.

The DCCC today launched an independent expenditure ad that slams Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle, the most conservative member of New York’s congressional delegation, for voting “yes” on Ryan’s proposal – twice.

Buerkle is locked in a re-match with the Democrat she ousted in 2010, former Rep. Dan Maffei.

The press release accompanying the ad includes the following statement:

“The latest Siena polling shows that with Congressman Paul Ryan on the ticket, Mitt Romney is trailing by nearly 30 points in New York.”

“Speaker Boehner has said this will be a major drag on New York Republicans like Congresswoman Buerkle, and that they are ‘frankly pretty vulnerable.’ A recent DCCC poll shows Dan Maffei leading Congresswoman Buerkle by 6 points, 48-42.”

There’s no word on when this hits the airwaves, how long it will run or how big the buy is. Here’s the script:

:Voiceover: Only in Washington do they think this is fair. You paid for Medicare out of every paycheck. But Ann Marie Buerkle voted to essentially end Medicare.”

“End guaranteed Medicare benefits. Put the insurance industry in charge. Make seniors pay sixty-four hundred dollars a year more for health care. And use the budget savings to give millionaires more tax cuts. That’s outrageous. Even in Washington.”

Update: Republicans respond, noting Maffei’s past voting record in House.

“Talk about outrageous, Dan Maffei is the only candidate in this race who supports cutting $700 billion from seniors’ Medicare to fund ObamaCare,” said NRCC spokesman Nat Sillin. “Having already been booted out of office once by voters for supporting ruinous policies like the $831 billion failed stimulus, it’s no wonder career politician Dan Maffei is already trying to distract and deceive voters.”