Frank Commisso, one of the several Democrats seeking to replace Assemblyman Jack McEneny in an Albany-area district, says he won’t support powerful Speaker Sheldon Silver for another term in the leadership post.

As far as we can tell, Commisso is the first Assembly Democrat to say he wouldn’t back Silver as speaker, a job he has held since 1994.

“As Democrats, we are proud to say that we support fair treatment for women in the workplace. In the case of Assemblyman Lopez, political expediency overruled simple fairness to female employees of the Legislature.”

“We have seen repeated examples of inappropriate response to deeply troubling charges. I respect Speaker Silver’s accomplishments, however in good conscience, I cannot support him. When the Assembly Majority caucuses to choose a leader for the 2013 session, I will not support Mr. Silver’s re- election as Speaker,” Commisso said in a statement.

Silver has said repeatedly since coming to Charlotte this week that he regrets the way the Vito Lopez sexual harassment case was handled and called the Brooklyn lawmaker on Friday to ask him to resign, a request that was rebuffed.

The statement highlights a potential problem for Silver: Many of his longtime lieutenants in the Legislature are not running for re-election. Silver could face come January a new crop of rookie lawmakers whose support he has not necessarily earned.