ADDED: The DNC “mystery” candidates speaking tomorrow: Actresses Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson and Kerry Washington.

It looks like the Democrats will reinstate the “Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel” plank in the convention platform.

Obama campaign spokeswoman Jen Psaki refuting GOP claims that the acceptance speech venue change was due to a lack of interest and not the weather: “This is not a Panthers game, as you may know. It’s a national special security event.”

Clinton loyalist Ed Rendell dings Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying he has “no sense of humor” and isn’t at the convention because he wasn’t invited to speak.

Food & Water Watch has a full-page ad in tomorrow’s Charlotte Observer warning that allowing fracking will hurt Cuomo’s presidential prospects in 2016.

Former Gov. David Paterson is “supervising” things in Charlotte until Cuomo arrives tomorrow.

A conservative Super PAC is running anti-gay marriage TV ads during the convention.

Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas will lead the pledge of allegiance at the convention tonight.

Asked directly if he thought Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver should be representing New York during the roll call in Charlotte tonight, Sen. Bill Perkins replied, “No comment.”

A source tells AP’s Mike Gormley that Albany County DA David Soares has joined Staten Island DA Dan Donovan’s probe of the Lopez sexual harassment scandal.

Gatemouth on the New York delegation’s “pariah” status in Charlotte.

Binghamton University will get a cameo in tonight’s convention coverage.

The PEF endorsement list is out, and Lopez is on it.

The Journal Register Company, owner a number of newspapers including the Record of Troy and the Saratogian, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says (in a mailer) that Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera is working “24-7” and continues to support her even though she’s the subject of four separate investigations.

Gillibrand will be on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight.

Sen. John Kerry’s speech will be part of his audition for US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s job.

What Clinton’s environmental legacy means for Obama.

Cuomo signed two cigarette-related bills into law.