Five convention speakers to watch tonight, starting (of course) with President Obama.

Some good economic news as Obama prepares to take the stage: Stocks marched to their highest level in years, fueled by the promise of stimulus from Europe’s top bankers and hints of a strengthening U.S. economy.

A high-ranking Democratic official called the speech venue switch “a real buzzkill” ad the “ultimate rain-on-your-parade scenario.”

Mitt Romney won’t be watching Obama’s speech. (He’s just returning Obama’s favor).

Obama advisor David Plouffe says Obama won’t get a big convention bounce.

The Obama daughters: Seen and discussed – often – but not heard.

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch will be released from the hospital tomorrow, and plans to go “straight to the office,” his spokesman said.

Former President Clinton’s speech was more popular on Facebook that the NFL kickoff game.

Hillary Clinton watched her husband’s speech from East Timor and “loved every single minute of it.”

Former VP Al Gore called Clinton’s speech a “grand slam homerun.”

James Taylor on the Latino vote.

Dana Milbank: “This is a convention of the media, by the media and for the media.”

Sandra Lee is a fan of Diane Swayer, and wishes she had some time to antique during her brief trip to Charlotte with “family” (AKA Gov. Andrew Cuomo and his daughter).

During Cuomo’s speech to the NY delegation, Lee “sprung out of her folding chair at applause lines like a seasoned campaign spouse.”

Former NYS Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs says Cuomo’s low-key approach to the convention was smart because convention are “irrelevant.”

Writes Blake Zeff: “‘(H)elping Barack Obama’ is clearly not a sufficiently compelling reason now for Cuomo to walk into a firepit of national media right now, and risk saying the wrong thing.”

Republicans debuted a new ad in which a frustrated former Obama supporter – played by an RNC staffer – expresses her disappointment with the president.

Acting Gov. Bob Duffy.

Assembly candidate Frank Commisso Jr., who has pledged not to support Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver if he’s elected, sent out an anti-Silver mailer.

Assemblyman George Latimer and his Senate opponent, Bob Cohen, traded barbs over the Silver/Vito Lopez scandal.

RWDSU President Stu Appelbaum thinks Cuomo 2016 is a good idea, but wants to focus on 2012 for now.

DailyKos founder Marco Moulitsas is not a Cuomo fan.

South Carolina Democratic Chairman Dick Harpootlian said he invited Cuomo to speak at South Carolina’s Jefferson-Jackson Day Dinner earlier this year but the governor declined.

NYC Votes! released its voter guide for the Sept. 13 primary.

US Education Secretary Arne Duncan is a “kid reporter” at the convention for TIME for Kids.