If one just read the emailed fundraising appeals from the campaign of U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, you may get the impression she’s running a shoestring, underdog effort.

The Democratic incumbent in July sent out a note with the subject line: “Outspent.”

Today, her campaign sent out an email beseeching supporters for more money in order to get a statewide TV ad on the air.

“We need to raise another $155,000 this week so we can expand our ad buy on TV statewide,” Gillibrand’s campaign manager Sean Gavin wrote. “Can you contribute now to make that happen?”

Gillibrand’s first ad on bringing manufacturing back to the New York, is airing in upstate markets.

Gillibrand’s last campaign-finance report showed her with $10.5 million in cash on hand. Her Republican opponent, Wendy Long, is supported by some conservative super PACs, but has struggled so far keeping pace with Gillibrand and is stuck in debt.