In her first television ad of her bid for a full, six-year term, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand chooses to highlight manufacturing in the 30-second spot that’s airing in upstate markets.

The ad, called “Made In America,” features much of the same video and images from a video released on her campaign website late last week.

As Liz noted in that post, Gillibrand’s campaign has seemed practically dormant until just now, six weeks before the November general against Republican Wendy Long.

It’s not that Gillibrand doesn’t have the money: During the last reporting period she had about $10.5 million on hand, a massive advantage over Long, a judicial activist and lawyer.

Indeed, Gillibrand has instead been sending out fundraising emails with the stated goal of helping other candidates — usually women — including Sen. Claire McCaskill of Missouri and Democratic Senate candidate Tammy Duckworth in Wisconsin.

Here is the script:

Manufacturing plants like this are more than just the products we send around the world.

They’re vital to an economy that strengthens our middle class.

An economy that gets re-built right HERE in New York — with tools like hi-tech, bio-tech, and clean energy manufacturing.

And it’s why I voted against the tax breaks that Congress gave to companies that moved our jobs overseas.

I’m Kirsten Gillibrand and I approve this message because we should stop outsourcing our future – so we can see ‘Made in America’ again.