Despite a much ballyhooed special meeting, commissioners from JCOPE broke this afternoon without confirming whether or not they voted to launch an investigation into the Vito Lopez-Sheldon Silver scandal, NY1’s Zack Fink reports.

Reporters gathered at JCOPE’s Albany office on Broadway for the 11 a.m. meeting. As often happens during regularly scheduled meetings, commissioners invited cameras inside for a quick photo op before retreating behind closed doors for an executive session.

Today, they stayed out of public view for roughly two hours. When they emerged, the handful of commissioners who were actually present (more on that in a minute ), gave a terse “no comment” to reporters as they pushed through the gaggle.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has been quite clear about the fact that he has asked JCOPE to investigate the scandal involving sexual harassment charges lodged against Lopez.

Silver stripped the powerful lawmaker of his leadership positions, and Lopez voluntarily agreed not to seek re-election as Brooklyn Democratic chairman. But so far, he has refused to give up his Assembly seat, despite multiple calls – including from Silver and Cuomo – that he resign.

Silver has come under fire for approving a six-figure payout of taxpayer dollars to two of Lopez’s alleged victims. He has since apologized for agreeing to keep the matter confidential and not referring it to to the bipartisan ethics committee the way subsequent complaints were handled.

One final note on the meeting….it was not webcast.

The reason given was the late notice for the public meeting (late notice being last week ). However, other commissioners were able to video link-in from Syracuse, Buffalo and Long Island as well as New York City where Chair Janet Difiore was this afternoon. Apparently someone was able to overcome the technical challenges to make that happen.