ICYMI: Monroe County Executive Maggie Brooks cried foul over a new attack ad being aired by her NY-25 opponent, Democratic Rep. Louise Slaughter, filing a complaint with the Fair Election Practices Committee that claims the spot is baseless and inaccurate.

The ad claims Brooks’ “record of scandal” has cost Monroe County taxpayers $423 million. The Brooks campaign says that number is inflated and unfairly blames her for projects and spending that took place before she took office.

“Once again, entrenched Washington insider Louise Slaughter has revealed her true colors with yet another attack ad filled with lies and distortions,” said Brooks’ campaign manager Noah Lebowitz.

But the Slaughter campaign stuck to its guns, releasing a “fact-check” of the ad purported to back up its claims.

“The real story here is that Maggie Brooks finally acknowledged the corruption within her administration and that it has cost taxpayers millions,” said Slaughter campaign spokesman Eric Walker.

“The first step to solving a problem is admitting you have one. Voters will agree it’s time for Brooks to get a handle on her addiction to handing out contracts and jobs to cronies at taxpayer expense.”

Both Brooks and Slaughter have signed the 2012 Fair Election Pledge, sponsored by the League of Women Voters/Rochester Metro Area and The Interfaith Alliance of Rochester, which requires candidates to conduct their respective campaigns “accurately and honestly.”

Asked about her campaign’s decision to go on the attack, Slaughter told YNN yesterday:

“If you’re talking about my ads, they are the campaign. And obviously I think everybody knows here that honesty and highest of ethics with people who trust us with our vote is terribly important to me.”

Brooks’ campaign said the Fair Elections Practices Committee will hold a hearing on its complaint Thursday.

Brooks Fair Election Practices Complaint 9.24.2012

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