The Senate Republican Campaign Committee is helping fund a variety of Senate challengers across the state has it seeks to hold and expand its majority.

Its 10-post primary filing with the state Board of Elections shows the SRCC has pumped cash into the campaigns of Assemblyman George Amedore, who recieved $100,000; Assemblyman Phil Boyle who recieved $25,000 and Eric Ulrich, who received about $330,000.

Amedore is running in the newly drawn 46th Senate District outside of Albany, while Boyle is running for the Long Island seat vacated by Sen. Owen Johnson.

Ulrich is trying to unseat Queens Democratic Sen. Joe Addabbo.

As Ken Lovett at The Daily News notes, the Ulrich money came after he resoundingly won his primary against Juan Reyes — a campaign that was marked by anti-gay mailers aimed at Ulrich.

Republicans have enjoyed a clear fundraising advantage over the Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, though the Senate GOP warily eyes its enrollment disadvantage.

Republicans hold a 33-29 advantage in the Senate, though the four-member Independent Democratic Conference remains something of a swing bloc that could determine wields power in the chamber next year.