ICYMI: Republican/Conservative US Senate hopeful Wendy Long appeared on “Fox & Friends” early this morning and accused the mainstream media of being “in the tank” for her Democratic target, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

Her proof: A story shopped by her campaign about an alleged error on Gillibrand’s 2010 tax return that the Gray Lady refused to touch.

“It’s obvious the mainstream media is in the tank for President Obama. They’re in the tank for my opponent as well,” Long told “Fox & Friends” co-anchor Steve Doocy.

“For example, she had an obvious glaring error on her tax return. The New York Times wasn’t event interested in looking at it. You could be sure that if that were my tax return, they’d be all over it.”

I’m not sure it’s fair to paint the entire press corps with a broad brush when you’ve tried to spoonfeed a story to one outlet and been shot down, only to then put out a release announcing your rejection and castigating everyone else for failing to take your side in the fight.


Long then continued with a litany of complaints about Gillibrand that have nothing to do with the media – except perhaps that they’re haven’t generated any headlines of late.

Among Long’s beefs with Gillibrand: She refuses to acknowledge the existence of Long, who happens to be a woman.

“She holds herself as an advocate for women, yet she makes apologies for the New York speaker of the Assembly who has paid hush money to cover up a sexual harassment scandal,” Long said.

“She says she’s for women in politics, but she hasn’t said anything about my being in this race – the first race in the United States Senate in New York where we have a woman against a woman.”

Long clearly had a sympathetic ear in Doocy, who said:

“She wants women in politics. Just not in her race. (Chimed Long: Right!) By the way we invited the senator to appear on Fox and Friends today. She declined. Wendy Long, she’s running for the United States Senate in New York. She’s a Republican.”

Only in the last week or so has Gillibrand, who has vastly out-raised Long and is trouncing her in the public opinion polls, taken steps to acknowledge she’s running for re-election. She released her first TV ad today.

UPDATE: A pro-Gilliband reader notes Long called on the senator to release her taxes on April 11 – 167 days ago – but still hasn’t released her own two months after Gillibrand posted her returns for every year she has served in elected office on her website.