A general rule of thumb is to not mix wine and beer, though in cases of economic development, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will make an exception.

Cuomo said at a public cabinet meeting today that he plans to hold a wine and beer summit, similar to the yogurt meet-up that was held this summer.

But a controversial and long-sought change to how New Yorkers buy their wine by allowing it sold in grocery stores, likely won’t change, the governor said.

“I’m sure questions will come and my position hasn’t changed,” Cuomo.

The governor is a fan of bringing together groups of related industries that don’t necessarily “talk” to one another.

“We’re going to spend some time meeting with the leaders of the industry. When we’re doing that, they might have issue — if they want to do marketing collaboration, if they want to talk about some regulations…then we’ll come together and have the meeting,” Cuomo said.

No word if any free samples will be doled out (though that is one way to get the press to cover it. I’m just saying.)