The AFSCME and SEIU/1199 have teamed up again in another of New York’s competitive House races, this time launching a withering attack on GOP NY-27 candidate Chris Collins’ record of job creation in the private sector.

The spot, part of what AFSCME is describing as a “significant, six-figure” buy, accuses the former Erie County executive of using stimulus cash to open factories and hire workers overseas rather than investing it here at home.

(A union source said the cost of this buy is $250,000, split evenly between AFSCME and SEIU. According to, outside spending in NY-27 has surpassed the $3 million mark).

“”When Chris Collins had a chance to create jobs for New York workers, he decided to do his hiring in China and South Korea instead,” said AFSCME’s political director Seth Johnson.

“Collins’ priorities are clear: Protect big business with harmful trade deals and use taxpayer money to outsource jobs.”

“The hard working men and women of the Empire State deserve a leader like Kathy Hochul who work to create jobs in New York.”

Although this ad is part of an independent expenditure that is, by law, not cooperating with Hochul’s campaign, the argument it makes is one the congresswoman has also employed.

The Buffalo News deemed the claims in Hochul’s ad and a corresponding website, which focus on a small company Collins started that sells products made in China and elsewhere, “somewhat misleading.”

A separate fact-check by WGRZ reached a similar conclusion.

So far, AFSCME and SEIU are assisting the Democratic candidates with TV ads, mailers and phone banks in three competitive House races: NY-18 (Sean Patrick Maloney vs. Rep. Nan Hayworth), NY-19 (Julian Schreibman vs. Rep. Chris Gibson) and NY-27.

Here’s the script of the latest anti-Collins ad:

“Free trade deals like NAFTA, hurting New York manufacturing and New York families.”

“Chris Collins had a chance to help. He expanded his company, opening factories and hiring workers.”

“But in China and South Korea, Collins built his businesses with taxpayer-funded stimulus money and government contracts. But then Collins created jobs in other countries.”

“Chris Collins supports trade deals that send jobs overseas, leaving New York families behind.”