A new independent expenditure ad from the political action committees AFSCME and SEIU is trying to torpedo any notion that Rep. Nan Hayworth is a moderate Republican.

The ad released this morning accuses Hayworth of jumping on “the tea party train” as images of Eric Cantor and Sarah Palin, along with Hayworth’s picture, pass by. The TV ad also accuses Hayworth of voting to “end the Medicare guarantee” and turning the program over to vouchers.

As we’ve seen throughout this election cycle so far, the “MediScare” ads are coming fast and furious, especially in the Hudson Valley races like Hayworth versus Sean Patrick Maloney or GOP Rep. Chris Gibson versus Julian Schreibman.

The 30-second ad is part of a $180,000 ad buy.

Here is the script:

It doesn’t run on Metro North lines.

But that didn’t stop Nan Hayworth from hopping on the Tea Party train.
In Congress, Hayworth joined radical Tea Party members to essentially end Medicare.

Hayworth would end the Medicare guarantee, and turn it into a voucher program…

Making seniors pay sixty four hundred dollars more per year …

And forcing them to negotiate with big insurance companies…

Nan Hayworth rides the Tea Party train…and leaves seniors behind.