Earlier this month, the National Rifle Association’s political arm backed Rep. Bill Owens’ re-election bid – a snub to the congressman’s Republican challenger, Matt Doheny.

Today, however, Dohney got a gun rights group of his own, landing the support of Gun Owens of America, according to his campaign.

“Matt Doheny is a stalwart advocate for the peoples’ right to keep and bear arms, and as a Representative of the 21st Congressional District, he will fight hard to keep those rights,” said Tim Macy, GOA’S Vice Chairman.

“Unlike the incumbent representative, Matt will stand 100% in support of gun owners’ rights. Rep. Bill Owens claims to be pro-gun, but isn’t always willing to put his words into action.”

“The choice for gun owners is clear. Matt Doheny understands that the Second Amendment requires more than just a Representative who will vote right when it is convenient. This November, voters in the 21st District can send a Representative to Washington who will defend the Second Amendment to the fullest.”

It’s interesting that GOA cites the congressman’s record as a reason not to support him, since Owens received an “A-plus” rating from the NRA, which is the nation’s largest gun rights organization.

Specifically, GOA took issue with the fact that Owens voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare) “despite warnings from gun owners that a federally-controlled medical database could be used by government bureaucrats to disarm law-abiding citizens.”

GOA’s Macy insists this is “not just a hypothetical concer,” explaining: “Already, more than 150,000 military veterans have lost their gun rights due to issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.”

Macy also noted that Owens voted for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the House (back when the Democrats were still in control, adding: “A vote for Owens simply puts Pelosi one step closer to the Speaker’s chair, where she can push her agenda of renewing the semi-auto ban, gun owner registration, and more.”

GOA actually received a “B” on GOA’s congressional scorecard, and was the only New York Democrat who received a grade higher than “F”. Doheny got an “A.” (Many candidates – both incumbents and challengers – received “NR” ratings, which I think either means they didn’t bother responding to the organization’s candidate questionnaire or weren’t ranked by the GOA).

Owens and Rep. Kathy Hochul were the only two New York Democrats to receive the gun rights organization’s nod.

Their Republican opponents (in Hochul’s case, that’s former Erie County Executive Chris Collins) were deemed not anti-gun – quite the opposite, in fact.

But since they don’t have voting records to back up their Second Amendment support claims and Owens and Hochul do, the NRA gave extra points to the Democrats.