Wappingers Falls Mayor Matt Alexander, one of four Democrats defeated by Sean Patrick Maloney in the NY-18 primary in June, sent a fundraising pitch this morning on behalf of his former foe that slams Rep. Nan Hayworth for having “friends like Karl Rove with deep pockets and no morals.”

Alexander, who once called Maloney a carpetbagger and a “Wall Street Democrat,” has changed his tone and is now touting “my friend” Maloney, who’s a “once-in-a-lifetime” candidate.

The mayor’s appeal echoed Maloney’s oft-repeated pitch about the need to oust “one of Congress’ most extreme Tea Party Republicans” without actually mentioning Hayworth by name.

“Sean is a veteran of the Clinton White House, where they created jobs while protecting Medicare,” Alexander said.

“Running to be New York’s first openly gay U.S. congressman, Sean has always fought for justice and equality. We need him in Congress. But he can’t get there without our help.”

“His opponent has friends like Karl Rove with deep pockets and no morals. They’re viciously attacking Sean on TV. Sean needs to respond, which means he needs to raise $30,000 by tomorrow at 5 P.M. He’s counting on us to help fight back.”

Alexander cited a deadline tomorrow, which is when Maloney “will have to make decisions about whether or not he can stay up on TV,” warning: “Without us, the Tea Party will surely outpace him.”

The email also reiterates the Maloney campaign’s claim that outside polling (conducted by the AFL-CIO, which has endorsed the Democrat) shows the NY-18 race is tied.

A recent Siena poll found Maloney is gaining on Hayworth, in part due to the withdrawal from the race of the Working Families Party candidate.

But she has also gained support among members of her own party, and is close to the magic 50 percent mark (just one percentage point away) that demonstrates incumbent strength.