Women voters are a hot commodity this election season, and not just in the persidential race.

Assemblyman George Amedore, the Republican candidate in the newly-created 46th Senate District, has released this web video in which the women in his family – his mom, his wife and his daughter – make an appeal on his behalf to women voters.

Joelle Amedore notes that she and her husband have been married for 22 years and have raised three children, only one of whom, Bria, appears in this video. Mom, Mary Ann Amedore, calls her son a “man of character” who is “honest and strong.”

“He has always been a proud advocate for women and families,” Joelle Amedore adds. “George continues to lead by example. He will continue to be a gentleman, speak the truth and act with integrity and honor.”

Amedore’s Democratic opponent is a woman, Cecelia Tkaczyk, who recently received a boost from two PACs that plan to spend a combined $500,000 on her behalf.

The Senate Republicans have so far spent $242,403 on Amedore’s behalf after drawing the district specifically with him in mind. (It’s the 63rd seat, which was added during the GOP-controlled redistricting process with an eye toward helping the Republicans maintain their slim hold on the majority.

The Senate Democrats have high hopes for Tkaczyk, on whom they’ve spent $208,392 to date, even though she’s less well known than her opponent and started out with a fundraising disadvantage.

The district has a slight Democratic edge, and the minority conference is hoping the higher-than-usual turnout expected as a result of the presidential race will help boost Tkaczyk.