As Senate Republican candidates cling to Gov. Andrew Cuomo this election cycle, Democratic Senate hopeful Ted O’Brien is highlighting his support from a woman the governor featured in his 2011 State of the State address.

Irondequoit resident Geraldine Sullivan, 82, was used in one of those Real People examples in Cuomo’s lamentation of high property taxes.

It’s a timely blasting out of this video, considering that Republicans have also tried to cast Democratic candidates running for office this year as being against the 2 percent cap on local property taxes.

This isn’t the first event O’Brien has done with Sullivan.

Earlier this month he held a rally with Sullivan on the tax cap issue.

From O’Brien’s campaign email to supporters:

When Governor Cuomo came to Albany to deliver his first ever state of the state, he didn’t travel alone – he brought then 81-year-old Irondequoit resident Geraldine Sullivan with him to prove how rising property taxes were hurting our community’s most vulnerable.

Geraldine, now 82, was a former Bausch & Lomb accountant who had retired 20 years earlier. But unable to afford her rising property tax bill on a fixed income, Geraldine was forced to go back to work or face eviction from her family home.

UPDATE: A Senate GOP spokesman responded to O’Brien’s email claim:

“It’s stunning watching Ted O’ Brien talk out of both sides of his mouth when it comes to property taxes. How can he be sympathetic to the plight of fixed-income seniors like Geraldine Sullivan and still accept hundreds of thousands of dollars from the same special interests who are filing a lawsuit to overturn the Governor’s property tax cap? If Ted O’Brien wanted to be honest, he would tell Ms. Sullivan that he is seeking to join the same New York City-led Senate Democrat conference who took away her STAR rebate check two years ago.”