Sen. Roy McDonald’s now-suspended campaign spent $14,000 on polling after coming up short in the September primary, his most recent campaign-finance report shows.

It’s not terribly surprising that McDonald, one of the four Senate Republicans who backed the same-sex marriage law in 2011, commissioned a survey of the district prior to his decision to not continue on the Independence Party line.

And it’s not like the Saratoga County lawmaker didn’t receive any overtures of support, eiter.

LGBT advocacy groups, well-funded political action committees and Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo had insisted in a letter that he would endorse McDonald should he have move forward with the run. McDonald dropped out a day after the Cuomo letter was made public.

One private poll, commissioned by the New York Unity PAC, a pro-same-sex-marriage group, was made public and showed McDonald had a chance of winning a three-way race one the minor-party ballot line.

McDonald narrowly lost the GOP line to County Clerk Kathy Marchione. His name remains on the ballot this November regarldess of ending his campaign’s activities.

McDonald’s once formidable campaign war chest now has $7,045 following one of the most expensive Senate primaries in the state’s history.