Just hours before its big fund-raiser in New York City headlined by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the House Majority PAC is debuting its first TV ad hitting one of the Democrats’ top targets, GOP Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle.

The spot accuses the freshman congresswoman of being little more than a rubber stamp for the House leadership’s “right-wing agenda,” even as she touts her independent streak on the campaign trail.

Buerkle has bucked the party leadership on some key votes – most notably on the 2011 debt ceiling deal, which she rejected, becoming the only New York Republican to do so.

(For the record, Democratic US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand also voted “no”, but for completely different reasons).

But an Open Congress analysis found Buerkle votes 96 percent of the time with her party.

This ad, entitled “Color”, will run in the Syracuse area for a week as part of House Majority PAC’s previously announced $175,000 buy in the district.

The spot is one of seven around the country the House Majority PAC is announcing today. The others are running in California, Georgia and Texas.

Cuomo announced yesterday that he will be assisting the House Democrats in what most observers now agree is a long-shot quest to re-take the majority on Nov. 6. (They need to win 25 more seats to accomplish that goal).

At House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s request, the popular governor will headline a fund-raiser for the House Majority PAC at a private residence in NYC tonight. Event organizers hope to raise $1 million.

Pelosi, Cuomo and DCCC Chairman Steve Israel, who hails from Long Island, are expected to attend.

The NY-24 race is one of a handful of competitive New York House contests that are drawing millions of dollars worth of outside spending.

According to OpenSecrets.org, some $3.8 million and counting worth of cash has been dumped into the district to date.

Here’s the script for House Majority PAC’s new anti-Buerkle ad:

“She may be a colorful character around here. But in Washington, Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle fades into the crowd, and falls in line with their right-wing agenda.”

“The one where you work longer to get less in return at a job that could be headed overseas. Where taxes go up for the middle class, all while getting cut for millionaires.”

“Ann Marie Buerkle’s plan for the middle class: Clear as black and white. Bad for you.”