Gov. Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t rule out endorsing other Republicans beyond Sen. Stephen Saland at a cabinet meeting this afternoon.

“I will be doing endorsements on a rolling basis now,” Cuomo said. “I haven’t made all the decisions yet. I’ll be doing them on a person by person basis in the races that I get involved and I’ll be doing that on a rolling basis going forward.”

Cuomo endorsed Saland, one of the four Republicans to back his same-sex marriage law in the Senate last year, to the consternation of some Democrats in the Poughkeepsie-area district.

But Cuomo says he did so in part because of Saland’s vote on marriage, but also for his vote on the tax cap and the Tier Six pension measure.

“I’ll take a man of character and conscience who doesn’t agree with me on everything over a person who theoretically agrees with me on everything before they get here and things change,” Cuomo told reporters. “I fully support him.”

Still left to endorse are Democrats running in a multitude of competitive House races around New York (as Liz scooped earlier, Cuomo is fundraising for the House Majority PAC, a Democratic-backed group, tomorrow in New York City).

Among the likely Republicans Cuomo could endorse is Sen. Mark Grisanti, a Buffalo freshman who faces a four-way race in a Democratic-dominated district.

Though his main opponent, Mike Amodeo, is being heavily outspent, the crowded field is enough to give Republicans heartburn when it comes to retaining and expanding their 33-member majority in the chamber.

Cuomo, whose approval ratings in some Senate districts is well-above his 70 percent average, usually saves his most important endorsements for the last minute in local races.

Cuomo did offer to endorse Republican Sen. Roy McDonald after he lost the GOP line to Kathy Marchione, but retained the Independence Party line. McDonald, another pro-gay marriage Republican, decided to not continue his campaign.