“Are we fired up today? Are we going to work every day until Election Day?”

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is out on the trail today, campaigning in four tossup House district across the state.

At a union hall in Rochester, Cuomo endorsed Democratic Reps. Kathy Hochul and Louise Slaughter, with a speech that was very similar to the address he gave in Charlotte before the New York delegation to the Democratic National Convention.

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He sharply criticized the platform of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, but kept his comments in the context of state government.

Still, the stump speech was simultaneously an indictment of national Republicans and a boost to his own theory of government: That it should work.

“It would really create chaos in this state and create chaos in state governments all across the country,” Cuomo said of the Republican presidential ticket. “But in some ways that’s exactly what they want because there is an extremist school in this Congress that we have not seen before. At the end of the day their argument is we do not believe in government and the less government the better. And if you can gridlock government then that’s a form of success because then government doesn’t work and in many ways they’re going their from stopping the government from functioning. And we believe the opposite.”

In praising Hochul and Slaughter, Cuomo congratulated them for working with Republicans saying they are “reaching acorss the aisle, forging coalitions, forging partnerships to get things. They are the gridlock busters.”

Cuomo himself has been focused on working with Republicans in the state Senate (to the detriment of his relationship with Senate Democrats), saying that his post-partisan style of governing is what’s needed in a state that has been crippled by dysfunction.

Cuomo is also appearing today in Syracuse on behalf of Dan Maffei and later in Suffolk County for Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop.

YNN will host a debate on Monday in Syracuse with GOP Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle and Green Party candidate Ursula Rozum. Maffei so far has not accepted an invitation to the debate.