One way or the other, a new Tappan Zee Bridge is going to be built, Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters in the Kingston area earlier today.

The governor was asked what would happen if a federal loan — which the state has applied for during the bidding process — doesn’t come through. While confident the loan will come from Washington, Cuomo said a replacement for the bridge is needed.

“So we have to build a new bridge in any event,” Cuomo said. “The old bridge is just dangerous and it’s out of date. We have to build a new bridge, period.”

Cuomo has made the bridge rebuilding a priority, saying that it’s symbolic of what governments can do when they actually function properly.

Cuomo, a Westchester County resident when he’s not in Albany, says that a final figure for the total cost of the bridge won’t be available until a design for the new bridge is selected and the loan terms are in stone.

The state’s share of the bridge — along with how it will be paid for — is similarly unclear, though plans that included using some labor-sector pension plans to help pay for it have been floated.

Cuomo did add that the progress is going very well on building a bridge at the Hudson River crossing after the federal government signed off on an environmental impact statement.

“We’re pushing very hard,” he said. “We’re making good progress. We’re waiting now on the next step, we’re going through the bidding process.”