U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand made sure to describe the Benghazi attack in Libya that killed several Americans including the U.S. ambassador was an “act of terror” in last night’s debate at Skidmore College with Wendy Long.

Nevertheless, her Republican opponent criticized the Obama administration’s approach on the incident, using the first topic of the debate to stake out an agressive posture she continued throughout the hour-long forum.

Gillibrand said Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — her predecessor in the seat she now holds — is doing “an extraordinary job all across the world.”

She also praised President Obama for his anti-terror efforts.

“He doesn’t give up, he doesn’t foreget,” she said.

But Long said Obama’s claim that he designated the incident a “terror attack” in the immediate aftermath in the Tuesday debate with Mitt Romney was “clearly incorrect.”

“He was saying for days that this whole thing in Libya was spurred by an amateur video,” Long said. “I agree with Congressman Peter King it’s time for Ambassador (Susan) Rice to resign.”