Republican Senate candidate Wendy Long accused Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in last night’s debate of preferring to talk about aboriton and womens reproductive issues because it’s a distraction from the economy.

“She’s trying to distract from her terrible record on jobs and the economy,” Long said.

Gillibrand has made womens issues a fundamental platform plank during her short time in the Senate and has blasted efforts to curtail equal pay for women and other issues infringing on their health.

“I believe that we have to fight for womens rights,” Gilligrand said. “This is not a made-up issue. And it’s not an issue that I’ve raised. It’s an issue that was raised by the Republican Congress.”

But Long shot back, saying that there’s no effort to force womens’ employers to determine whether they can have access to contraception.

“I also believe in the rigths of every other human beings,” she said. “Nobody is advocating making decisions making decisions about anyone’s contraceptions.”

Long reiterated her anti-abortion stance throughout the exchange, while Gillibrand asserted there is a “war on woman” that is being seen across the country both economically and via their health insurance.

“These are fundamental issues about our rights,” she said. “When you talk about the war on women, it’s not just health, it’s across the board.”