The latest Pew poll shows Mitt Romney up four percentage points over President Obama among likely voters, and gaining among women in particular.

The Gallup poll has Obama and Romney tied.

Does Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s endorsement of Addabbo clear the way for him to formally back Sen. Mark Grisanti? Said Deputy Senate Majority Leader Tom Libous: “It could…I’m not certain the old fashioned, ‘I support Joe Jones’ has to be done.”

The Virginia-based Common Sense Solutions PAC sent out a mailer tying Addabbo to billonaire George Soros.

Three gay advocates/candidates are co-hosting a fundraiser for Addabbo next Monday.

NYC Councilman Eric Ulrich says Addabbo is “lucky” to have Cuomo’s support, but doesn’t think the endorsement is surprising.

Mayor Bloomberg wants more attention paid to cities by the presidential candidates.

Mitt Romney delivered a foreign policy address, accusing President Obama of making the US less safe – especially when it comes to Libya.

Former US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, acting in her role as a Georgetown University professor, gave Romney a “C” for his recent foreign policy OpEd in the WSJ.

More mandate relief suggestions from the state Association of Counties.

The NRCC has a new ad slamming Democratic congressional hopeful Julian Schreibman for helping to get a white collar criminal (albeit not Bernie Madoff) off the hook.

Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle made Roll Call’s list of the 10 most vulnerable members of Congress.

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly called for a grand jury investigation of the cop who shot and killed an unarmed motorist last week in Queens.

Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin uses Florence + the Machine lyrics to make an Albany ethics reform pitch.

Long Island has an alligator problem.