President Obama singled out New York City for its “spirit” and “resilience” in dealing with Sandy.

Navigating the political fallout of Sandy is proving tricky for Mitt Romney, who declined to answer questions about his comment last year that the states – not FEMA – should lead disaster response.

Romney’s campaign rushed to clarify that the candidates would not abolish FEMA if he’s elected.

FEMA is preparing for Sandy to disrupt next week’s elections. (This is likely a decision that will be left up to the states. Remember: NYC rescheduled its Sept. 11, 2001 mayoral primary after the terrorist attacks on that day).

NJ Gov. Chris Christie, heretofore a major Romney surrogate, praised Obama’s “oustanding” Sandy relief effort, adding: ” If you think right now I give a damn about presidential politics then you don’t know me.”

As per the White House: Obama will tour areas in New Jersey that were hard hit by Sandy with Christie tomorrow.

Christie wasn’t the only Republican praising Obama – and also Gov. Andrew Cuomo! – for their Sandy response.

The New York Times gives NY1 a very nice shout-out for its Sandy coverage.

More love for Mayor Bloomberg’s sign language interpreter, Lydia Callis, who doesn’t seem all that interested in being an Internet star.

Could the lowly oyster have protected NYC from some of Sandy’s storm surge?

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown (yeah, that guycriticized the president’s response to Sandy for being too quick, contrasting it to the less-than-rapid response to the Libya attack.

FEMA faces almost $900 million in funding cuts if sequestration occurs.

The person responsible for Tweeting false information about Sandy damage in NYC – including that the NYSE was floodedturned out to be a hedge-fund analyst and the campaign manager of Republican Christopher R. Wight’s NY-12 campaign.

Writes Andrea Bernstein: “Neither Cuomo nor Christie is holding anyone’s coat” when it comes to Sandy response.

Environmental activist Bill McKibben thinks we should name storms after oil companies.

A post-Sandy pitch from overseas to revive “Bloomberg for President.”

The fate of Sunday’s NYC marathon is still up in the air.

The Greenwich Village Halloween Parade has been cancelled for first time in its 39-year history.

In non-storm news…

Tom Golisano revealed he’s the anonymous donor of a $20 million matching grant for a new Naples children hospital, to be named the Golisano Children’s Hospital of Southwest Florida.

If you’re in need of a light-hearted diversion from all the Sandy upset, check out this history of presidential turkey pardons. (After all, Thanksgiving is right around the corner).

Also, PPP’s Halloween poll finds 27 percent of voters think they’d survive less than a week after a zombie apocalypse.