Here’s the latest mailer from 41st SD candidate Neil DiCarlo, who is continuing to slam his fellow Republican, Sen. Steve Saland, for voting “yes” on same-sex marriage and portraying him as a tool of Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

I’ll give DiCarlo points for creativity. I had no idea the evolutionary step between the (Republican) elephant and (Democratic) donkey (AKA: “ass”) was the rino (or, if you prefer RINO, as in “Republican In Name Only”).

DiCarlo, as you’ll recall, ran a shoestring campaign and still came thisclose to defeating Saland in the Sept. 13 primary. Saland held onto Row B by the skin of his teeth, but DiCarlo remains in the general election on the Conservative Party line. (Neither candidate received the Conservative Party’s official endorsement; DiCarlo succeeded in winning the line through a write-in campaign).

The third candidate in the race is Village of Rhinebeck Trustee Terry Gipson.

DiCarlo seems to be running a below-the-radar screen campaign, relying heavily on grassroots efforts and mailers to get his message out. He didn’t show up for a candidate interview with The Journal News, the district’s largest publication, but he did ask the state Board of Elections to investigate whether Saland’s campaign is behind the theft of some 150 of his signs in the Hyde Park area.

UPDATE: Senate GOP spokesman Scott Reif emailed the following statement:

“Since Neil DiCarlo has a fondness for name calling, we’re sure he’s going to like the one we came up with for him – A wasted vote, who would love nothing more than to hand this seat to the same New York City politicians who enacted the MTA payroll tax, eliminated the STAR rebate checks and shifted important school aid out of the Hudson Valley. We’re not going to let that happen.”