GOP Rep. Chris Gibson released a new TV ad this morning that accuses his Democratic opponent, Julian Schreibman, of running a “misleading” campaign, especially when it comes to a key issue in this election cycle: Medicare.

The ad cites the TU and its Capitol Confidential blog four times, pulling a word or phrase like “Mediscare” or “politics of fear” from otherwise lengthy reports.

If you return back to the original articles and/or blog posts – click here and here – you’ll find that Gibson is really taking some liberties here.

That is not, however, how Gibson’s campaign sees it. Said spokeswoman Stephanie Valle:

“Julian Schreibman has run a campaign that is at its core misleading, with some of his attacks being downright lies.”

“Aside from raising taxes, he has offered no concrete solutions or plans on what he would do if elected. That is not the kind of leadership or vision that Upstate New Yorkers want as their representative in Congress.”

The NY-19 is getting increasingly heated – not to mention nasty.

A September Siena poll found Gibson had a comfortable double-digit lead over Schreibman, though the numbers were closer in the new part of the district to the south, which is Schreibman’s base.

Earlier this month, Schreibman was touting a Democrat-based Grove Insight poll that found him within striking distance of Gibson.

The true numbers are likely somewhere in the middle of these two polls at this point; no doubt the race has tightened in recent weeks.

Here’s the script from the Gibson ad, titled “Misleading”:

“(Announcers, female and male): “They’re calling Julian Schreibman’s campaign ‘misleading.’ And his economic plan is simple: Raise taxes. That’s not leadership we can trust.

“(Business owners, voiceover): Chris Gibson. He knows the importance of every one of us small businesses.”

“(Gibson): We need pro-growth comprehensive tax reform and regulatory reform. Come together to drive down healthcare costs and energy costs.”

“(Male business owner): He’s there to help and get results.”

“(Gibson): Job creation, number one priority, put Americans back to work. I’m Chris Gibson, and I approve this message.”

Update: The Schreibman camp responds, claiming Gibons is “desperate.”

“Congressman Gibson’s latest ad show’s how bad things have gotten for his campaign. He has now resorted to pulling words at random from articles that even Capital Tonight has said ‘is really taking some liberties,’” Jonathan Levy, campaign manager for Congressional candidate Julian Schreibman, said. “It is a sign that Congressman Gibson doesn’t have a message or a plan, and is desperate to run from his record. Just this morning his campaign, after claiming his vote to criminalize abortion even is cases of rape and incest was a lie, has admitted that he voted for the bill because ‘there is currently no law limiting when a woman can receive an abortion in Washington D.C.’ This is one instance were Congressman Gibson’s rhetoric actually matches his Tea Party record.”