This week, the New York League of Conservation Voters debuted its list of six priority Senate races – dubbed the “six pack“, which includes two incumbent Republicans who are among the Democrats’ top targets in this year’s re-match for control of the majority: Sens. Mark Grisanti and Marty Golden.

The other four six packers are all Democratic challengers, including:

– Cecilia Tkaczyk (running vs. Assemblyman George Amedore in the new 46th SD).

– Monroe County Legislator Ted O’Brien (running vs. Assemblyman Sean Hanna for the 55th SD seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Jim Alesi).

– Assemblyman George Latimer (running vs. Republican Bob Cohen for the 37th SD seat being vacated by retiring Sen. Suzi Oppenheimer).

– Justin Wagner (challenging Republican Sen. Greg Ball in the 40th SD).

The NYLCV plans to contribute to its chosen six and also run independent expenditure campaigns on behalf of at least two lucky contenders, perhaps spending as much as $200,000.

Today, the League is poised to announce it’s bringing in the big guns in hops of defeating a Republican it describes as a “climate denier” with an “appalling” environmental record.

“A climate denier as the newest State Senator? Not if we can help it,” NYLCV President Marcia Bystryn writes in an email alert to League members this morning.

“I’m excited to announce that the national League of Conservation voters has just named Sean Hanna to its state-level ‘Dirty Dozen’ list.”

“National LCV solicited input from its more than 30 state LCV partners from among hundreds of candidates running for governor, state senate and state house.”

“The candidates selected for this state-level Dirty Dozen – including Hanna – represent some of the most anti-environmental state lawmakers running in competitive races this year.”

In a video posted on his official Assembly website, Hanna is seen debating a bill on the floor and decrying a “conspiracy” by scientists who engage in climate research to “suppress” research conducted by those who challenge the existence of global warming.

The last New Yorker to make it onto the National LCV’s “Dirty Dozen” list was former Sen. Bill Stachowksi, a Western New York Democrat who lost in the 2010 primary to now-Sen. Tim Kennedy.

(That was actually the first time the national League had included state-level races on its dirty list, and Stachowski was the first on the list to do down.

Previously, the focus had entirely been on congressional contests. Environmentalists were furious at Stachowksi for voting against a 2009 wetlands protection bill, two clean air acts and a global warming pollution control act).

Stachowski’s vulnerability took the Democrats by surprise two years ago.

According to a Siena poll released today – the first survey of state Senate races – Hanna is in better shape heading into the final weeks of this year’s campaign, leading his Democratic opponent, Monroe County Legislator Ted O’Brien, by eight percentage points.