A reader forwarded this radio ad, in which Republican Assembly candidate Deborah McKee slams her Democratic opponent, Long Island Assemblyman Steve Englebright, for failing to call for an investigation of Speaker Sheldon Silver’s handling of Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s sexual harassment scandal.

This isn’t the first time McKee has made an issue out of the Lopez mess. She has accused the 20-year veteran lawmaker of being too much of a “party boy” in Albany to speak out against Silver.

McKee is facing off against Englebright in the 4th AD, where Democrats have a slight enrollment edge over Republicans: 27,956 to 26,029, with 21,231 independents. Englebright has $45,246 on hand, according to his 32-day pre-general election filing. McKee had $5,378 on hand as of mid-July. (Her latest filing isn’t up yet).

I don’t actually think Englebright, who was first elected in 1992, is in any serious trouble of being ousted. But it’s interesting to see Republicans around the state start to use the Lopez scandal in their campaign lit (state Senate candidate Bob Cohen) and ads.

They’re taking their cues from the state GOP, which is using the scandal as a fund-raising tool and also has an on-line petition calling for Silver to resign his leadership post.

Here’s the text of McKee’s ad, which marks the first time I’ve heard the Gov Ops Committee referred to as “powerful”:

“Over the last few months, New York City Democratic Assembly Speaker Shelly Silver has been under fire to resign over the sex scandal coverup and taxpayer funded pay-off involving Assemblyman Vito Lopez. Silver and Lopez’s dealings in this scandal are now under investigation by numerous organizations and committees.”

“But what did our Assemblyman Steve Englebright do when the sex scandal hit his fellow Albany Democrats? Nothing.”

“That’s right, Englebright, the chairman of the Assembly’s powerful Government Operations Committee has done nothing. He has not called for hearings or an investigation. In fact, when asked about the scandal on News 12, he said the first he learned about the scandal was by reading the paper.”

It’s clear why Steve Englebright did nothing about this sex scandal. It’s because he supports Silver and Lopez, and votes with the New York City Democrats over 97 percent of the time. Steve, who are you really representing: New York City or Suffolk County? The time for change is now.”