Republican Senate candidate Sean Hanna, the Rochester-area assemblyman who is running for the open seat vacated by Sen. Jim Alesi, is being “awarded” the Environmental Advocates of New York its annual Oil Slick Award, the group annonuced today.

The environmental lobbying group says Hanna has “actively undermined” efforts to get a handle on greenhouse emissions and has backed legislation that would repeal pesticide laws in the state.

Perhaps the advocates are a bit miffed that Hanna is a former Region 8 director at the Department of Environmental Conservation.

But the award comes as envionrmental groups in New York are gearing up for the election season. Environmental Advocates notes that Hanna is backed by last year’s recipient of the Oil Slick Award, Sen. Lee Zeldin, whose political action committee is contributing to all of the first-time GOP Senate candidates this year.

And as Liz noted earlier, the New York League of Conservation Voters announced its “six pack” endorsements, which includes Hanna’s Democratic opponent Ted O’Brien.

The NYCLV describes Hanna as a climate change “denier” based on his record in the Legislature.

Environmental Advocates of New York Executive Director Rob Moore will be Liz’s guest on the show tonight.