With just 20 days remaining until Election Day, Rep. Richard Hanna has released his first TV ad of the campaign, which protrays him as a hard-working guy who prefers his home in what is now the 22nd Congressional District to being down in D.C.

The spot shows the freshman Republican hard at work, interacting with constituents, driving a car. (You get the picture). It makes no mention of his party affiliation, which is interesting, since he’s one of the more moderate members of the GOP conference – a fact that surprised some attendees at a recent debate between the congressman and his Democratic opponent, Dan Lamb, a former aide to retiring Rep. Maurice Hinchey.

For example, Hanna is pro-choice, and he raised some eyebrows – and received national attention – when he attended a rally for the Equal Rights Amendment back in March and urged women to contribute their political cash to the Democrats.

The NY-22 battle is not one of New York’s most competitive House races. Hanna has consistently out-fundraised his opponent and is viewed as relatively safe. Still, better safe than sorry, which explains this ad. Here’s the script:

“I’ve worked for you these two years like I’d expect my representative to work for my family: thoughtfully, compassionately working for solutions knowing our future is at stake.”

“So I’m focused on rebuilding our economy, reducing the spending that’s strangling our country, and making sure Medicare is secure. I come home every weekend, listen to you and go back to work. Thank you for the privilege.”

“I’m Richard Hanna and I approve this message.”